Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY ENTRY #8 Oh, my Eyeballs!!

It always amazes me the different things people come up with. These eyeballs from Donene Jones is one of those. And here is her DIY.

I was in one of my favorite thrift stores the other day and I had an idea! I first had thought of using some balls to make my idea but when I saw these I thought how great it would be if I could make them into lights!
I found these fixtures, sorry I had taken the round white globes off to wash them but you will see them later. Then I needed to find a wooden base to put these lights on, I found this assortment of wooden items and thought they would look great stacked.

Here are two of the wooden bowls stacked, glued together and a hole was drilled down the middle to put the electrical cord through. I bought two, 6 foot cheap extension cords and cut off the end with the plug ins on and left the end that use to plug into the wall. (I actually had some help with this part from my own personal Electrical Engineer, thanks Ryan!)

Take the end of the cord that you cut off and use some yellow wire nuts to attach the wires to the light.

This was the finished globes!

I used glass paint on the white globes and painted an eyeball. I used yellow paint and a red sharpie to make the eyeball veins.

Here are the bases that are now painted black and purple.

I tried them in the window at night to look out on all who might dare to enter!

Then I tried them on a shelf and it almost looked like a face with the Jack o lantern as the nose.

These were the original idea and I made these out of the $1.99 balls that you get in the super market. I used paint and vinyl to do the eyeballs.

Because these balls were already a swirled, blue and yellow, they were perfect for the eyeballs. I used paint and a sharpie on these as well to make the veins.

I attached black duct tape to the top to make the hangers and used some wire hanging stands that I already had! I love how they turned out and I especially like that the one pair of eyeballs light up!!

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