Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Costumes, costumes, COSTUMES!!!

I have no idea what to have my little (almost 2) boy be this year! I mean NO idea! My sewing machine is broken beyond repair. So I am not sure about sewing anything.
I spent so much time trying to get my 3 year old to be a mummy (cutest mummy costume EVER - found it at TJ MAXX if you live by one) but was just denied and he is now going to be (i kid you not) Thomas the train. I am slightly heart broken.
So i now have a movie star, a witch, a Thomas the train, and a ..... Can you help fill in the blank?

Here are some things that are inspiring me.

I would have to make them more manly but you get it. Found over at Prudent baby here.

Saw this on pinterest. How darling!

And seriously how funny is this! Found over at ohdeedoh. Might be way to cold but I don't think my husband would stop laughing!

So as you can see I have no direction. What do you think?

Thursday, March 31, 2011


We are in the LAST round!! It has been close.. too close at times!!!! Lend your support! It takes 20 seconds or 3:20 if you want to watch his video again (I can't log on without watching). Thank you in advance and don't forget to vote pfoulger (even if you are a boarder)!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you want to see an amazing ski video?!!

my brother Price is in a ski video competition and needs more votes today!  (He's just fallen behind in his match up!)  His video is AMAZING!  He's an unbelievable skier and really deserves this opportunity!  (the prize is his dream - to be filmed in a professional ski video!)  

So click through to this link for me (and him :) ) and vote for "PFOULGER - Alta-holic on a Bender"
Here's the Link:

*when you go to the link, click on "PFOULGER" (in the upper left tournament bracket) and then you can vote for him!

It's set up like March Madness, so he really needs votes every day as he advances to the next round, but today we think is his toughest competition of the whole tournament so please help him make it through to tomorrow with your vote!  

Thanks in advance!!!!

P.S. Reasons to vote for Price:
1) his video is sick!
2) his skiing is insane!  (if you could do a double back flip, double lincoln roll, and triple on skis, then I'd vote for you too :) )
3) the guy he's up against today has 7 skiers in his video - don't get me wrong, he's very good, but he's showing 6 other people in his video along with him (Price only shows his own tricks) and that guy is already sponsored, so give my brother a chance to get in the video and get sponsored too!  he deserves it!
4) as much as a like you, I might even like you better if you vote for my brother.  okay - I'll definitely like you better. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

two fun free printables for Christmas!!

 I will be printing these darling bows out tomorrow. I always love an added little touch to gifts. Find the free printable here.

If you don't know about Fawn and Forest.. it's time to discover them. Here are two great free printables. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

coupon code!!

That's right! I have a coupon code just for you! Why?! I will tell you. Because tomorrow I am taking my girls to DISNEY! I can't even believe it!! I feel as though I am living a dream! Our dress-up is packed and we are heading out. And because I am feeling so lucky and so blessed I thought I would share with you:) So from now until the end of the weekend you get to have a discount code for my shop.

So do you want it?! Hold your breath..

When you enter coupon code: DISNEY at check out you will receive 20% off your entire purchase. Go, and have some fun (I know I will be)! I can't wait to tell you all about Disney and I can't wait to see what you got!

DIY: modern felt flower

I think I am going to do A LOT of flower  DIY's. They are typically easy and there are so many things you can do with them! Perfect for little gifts this Holiday season!

We made some clippies and headbands last night to match some new dresses their grammie sent. They were excited to model in their pj's.

The "I am so darling" look.

Trying to show just enough flower (Have I told you she wants to be a movie star?)

A bit of sparkle for our star!

We love sisters!!
 Here are a few of ours that we made last night. I love having extra to make into ornaments or to glue on packages!

Are you ready to make some of your own?
First, begin by cutting about 2 circles of felt (I like wool felt) for each flower. Do you see the tool below? Because that little tool will save hours and you will use it ALL the time (at least I do). It cuts circles, that is its purpose. You can buy one at Michael's, Joanne's, Walmart and most crafting stores. If you don't have one scissors work great too. I cut a few different sizes but start with a 2 inch diameter.  And for the second inner circle make it 1 3/4 inch diameter. 

 The size doesn't really matter as long as they gradually get smaller.

Place two or three circles on top of one another. Grab a needle and thread (I used metallic for some extra fun) and tie a knot at the end. Going threw the back first sew a small "x" and tie off on the back side.

Trim off excess string.

This step is not necessary. If you would like to make pedals. Cut out two.

Overlap them slightly and glue.

Now glue the leaves to the back of your flower/flowers.

Glue them on to a headband.

When I glue them onto an alligator clip I put the glue on the clippy...

and then add the flower (less glue on the back of the flower).

I like to finish the headbands of with a strip of felt on the back. I just think it looks more finished and helps it stay all together!
And that's it. Your all done! Try all different styles, colors and purposes!

The best part is how many you can make in such a short amount of time. You will be wanting to put them on everything!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

news and info

Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed lots of turkey, pie, friendship and family! My family and I went to Boston to enjoy the holiday with my amazing and all talented cousins and their children. I love being around people who make you want to be a better person. My sister was out of town so we crashed at her place that night. Luckily we decided to cut our trip a bit early and headed home. I say luckily because we all ended up with the flu and I would have been mortified if we ruined my sister's beautiful home (yes, she is an amazing interior designer). But don't worry, I made it to Ikea on the way home where I purchased lots of fun fabric. I am in a sewing mode. Do you ever get those? I saw this pattern (sale going on now) and bought it right away! I am going to make my girls Christmas skirts with it. Please wish me luck!

Elle (my eldest) turned 6! Can you believe it, because I sure can't!! We had my Grandmothers funeral the weekend of her birthday. We had to make the 8 hour drive home on her birthday. So we threw together the best breakfast birthday party EVER! And when I say threw together I mean it. We were making big flowery headbands things until the wee hours the night before. But the lucky girl had her grandparents, all cousins and all aunts and uncles - my side - there (not to mention parents and siblings as well).

 I think Elle may be one of the only people cut out in this picture:) Take it up with my dad.

Our winner of the Halloween DIY contest sent me her picks from elle and kate. I think she did an excellent job choosing some great pieces.

I also had a gold party at my house to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. It was a TON of fun, it was for a GREAT cause and all my friends got spending money for Christmas! Details on how to host one for yourself to come.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. Which for me means, baking, decorating, crafting and yes, you guessed it.. lots of DIY's. Also I will let you know of the great little finds and deals that I think are too great to pass up. So make sure to check back in:)


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