Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY ENTRY #7 2 x 4 Wood Scrap Spookies!

How cute are these little monsters! They were sent over by Whitney over at Diary of a Preppy Mom. My favorite part about this one is that she used scraps around the house. A project that you don't buy anything for is my kind of project!

  1. Here are their close-ups! :)

    The country pumpkin!

    The Muslin Mummy.

    Freaky Frankenstein!

    How cute spooky are these???
    I only used things I had on hand - scrap wood, paint, scrap fabric, felt, bolts!
    I love quick, free & cute projects like this!!

    Want to make your own??

    What you need:
    Scrap Wood
    Muslin, Green Fabric, Felt
    Orange Paint
    Long green ribbon *for stem*
    Bolts (or similar) for Frankenstein's neck
    Mod Podge and Hot Glue.

    Gather your scraps together!
    My longest one is about 2 feet. The pumpkin measures about 8", the Mummy 12" and frankenstein 14".

    I didn't have long scraps - so I glued together squares ...
    upright for Frankenstein & stacked for the Pumpkin.

    3. Rip strips of Fabric (about 1" wide) for the Muslin. Mine were anywhere from 8"-20".

    3. Wrap the Muslin around and tie in the back.

    4. Keep tying the muslin strips.

    5. Print out eyes (or use googley eyes)

    Until he looks like this! :)

    For Frankenstein mod podge any Green Fabric -
    mine was leftover Duck Cloth.
    (or you could paint it green).

    For the face I just cut out black felt pieces.
    The nose is a tissue paper covered old drawer knob and the bolts on the side of his neck were random ones I found in the house! All adhered with hot glue!

    The pumpkin used 4 scrap squares turned on their side.

    Now paint them orange!
    I used Anita's Pumpkin Orange. :)

    Tie a big green ribbon around it!

    I dont' have pictures of this part - but paint your long board black.
    Then I used some Halloween scrapbook paper - and mod podged it to the front!
    Used wood glue to attach the spooky friends and that's it!
    You're done!!!

    I'd say the whole thing took less than 30 minutes!! :)
    Just use whatever you have around your house!!


  1. Wow those are spooky fun! I need to think like this :)

  2. Very cute! I want to make one know!



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