Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY ENTRY #24 halloween candles

The OH SO TALENTED Ashley Schmutz of Marla Ruby interiors sent in these candles. I LOVE absolutely everything this girl does. If you have not had a chance yet to check out her design blog.. do so now right here.

what you'll need:
-tapered white candles
-paint tape
-paint (color of your choice)
-paint brush
-any festive accessory to add to your candle

what to do:
1. buy a pack of white candles (i bought european tapered candles from tjmaxx)

2. tape the candles in any pattern you would like.  (i went for the candy stripe look)

3. pick a paint color and paint in between the tape lines on your candle.  you'll need to let the paint dry and put on a few coats if you want your pattern to be smooth and dramatic.

4. carefully peel tape off.  some paint will peel off with the tape if you rush this step.

i thought i was done there, but some of my paint bled through the tape.  i just couldn't settle for imperfect lines!

so, i brought out the glitter.
you can cover the whole "white" section with glue and glitter the whole thing, but i wanted little lines of glitter to define my black paint.

for the glitter effect.
1. get out your glue, glitter, and paint brush
2. paint a thin line of glue onto the candle right where the paint meets the plain candle wax

3. GENEROUSLY sprinkle glitter onto the glue.
4.  do this for each black/white line.  
5. after glittering your candle, run your finger above and below each glitter line to take off excess glitter.  this will clean up your overall look.

and now you have some beautiful blingbling holiday candles!
(i can't wait to make some for valentine's day!)

add any accessories to this.  i think i with throw on a few spiders... why not?


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