Thursday, October 28, 2010

DIY ENTRY #25 Giant Halloween Crayons

What child (ok, and me) wouldn't LOVE this little project! Tere Lauritsen from Pony Tails & Fish Scales sent this all around cute craft in.

Here are our giant Halloween crayons we made from numerous old broken crayons.
Above is the setup.
A cup for the trash peelings, meat cutters for cutting crayons, a bag filled with old abandoned crayons, a bowl for the naked ones and the shaper tray.
Important note...the $1 store trays do not withstand 275 degrees!
The cute pumpkin tray now looks like deflated hot air balloons.
They didn't turn out too bad but they are not as shiny as the next ones we made.
I got out my good 'ole trusty Wilton Halloween treat pan and sprayed it with veg. oil.

Ella put all the crayon pieces in the shapes.
Above is what it looked like after a trip to the oven at 275 degrees until melted, a cool off and then the fridge.
Here they are after being dumped out of the pan.
The picture at the very top of the post shows what they look like when you separate the colors a bit~greens together, yellows, oranges, blues, etc.
My 4 and 6 year old loved peeling the crayon paper off and putting the pieces in the pans.  This is a great kid craft
 (except for the oven part!)

*am placing each crayon in a snack sized zip lock bag for the girls' teachers to place in the classroom treasure chests.
*Great kid gifts also!

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