Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY ENTRY #18 Ghost Family

What a fun way to add spook to your yard! A little family of ghost's was sent by Melissa Clevenger. You must check out her blog, she is such an amazing photographer.


What you will need:

-Cheap white fabric from your favorite fabric store. It takes about 1.5 yds for an adult ghost.  (I used white muslin from Joanns. With my coupon it was dirt cheap.)
-wooden dowels or metal stakes from Home Depot (get the sizes you need for the people in the family)
-Pie tins or plastic plates for the head
-Ribbon for the bows for the girls or bow ties for the boys.
-Black felt for the eyes and mouth
-floral wire or pipe cleaners

Screw your pie tin or plate to your stake of choice. Reinforce with hot glue if you're like me.
Take your ghost head and lay it diagonally across your fabric. Fold fabric over so diagonal corners touch.
Wrap your wire or pipe cleaner around fabric at the base of your head to secure.
Cut out eyes and mouth to desired sizes. Apply to face with hot glue gun.
Add a bow to girl head or bow tie to boy head.
*You can also safety pin the fabric "arms" together so they look like they are holding hands.

Put them in a fun place in your yard and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Those look like giant ghost suckers. lol.



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