Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY ENTRY #19 Book-o-lanterns

Why oh why did I just give a box of paperback books away! Thanks Bonnie Brien for this great idea!

Take a paperback book, preferably 300+ pages, and fold each page in half so that the edge of the page meets the binding. For the tapered effect: after folding each page in half, fold down the top corner to the binding. Glue or paper clip the covers together. Thicker books stay circular better. Cut face and stem shapes from black cardstock and hot glue to side and top. Display as you'd like; I've put them on pedestals or just arranged them on the mantle or bookshelf. I got the books at a used book store and a swap trade, so I personally spent only a few dollars to make five book-o-lanterns.


  1. this is the most creative fabulous idea i've seen in a long time. LOVE it!



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