Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY ENTRY #16 Owl Chair Backer

I am always a sucker for owl's. Kaitlin Young sent in this adorable owl (and turkey too!). Love it.
What you will need:
2  10" x 13" pieces of felt
1  10 x 13.5" piece of textured brown fabric
1  2" x 36" piece of felt
2  3" x 9" pieces of felt
2  1" pieces of Velcro
felt scraps for eyes and beak 

1. Cut 2 pieces of felt to measure 10" x 13", 1 piece of textured brown fabric to measure 10" x 13", and 1 piece of felt to measure 2" x 36"

2. Cut beak out of felt, as well as a center pupil for each eye.  For eyeballs, cut scrap piece of felt into two circles using pinking shears. 

3.  Sew felt pupils to eyeballs.  Then position and sew eyeballs and beak to brown fabric.

4. Take one piece of your 10"x13" felt and place the brown textured fabric on top of it, right sides up.  The brown fabric will be 1/2" longer at the top of the owl.  Fold extra fabric in so that it is sandwiched between the felt and the brown textured fabric.    Sew along top of owl in order to secure the recently folded fabric, creating a finished edge. 

5. Pin 2" x 36" piece of felt to the right side of the owl.  Sew along outer edges.  Pin and sew remaining 10" x 13" piece of felt to owl, making certain that right sides are together.  You should be looking at the chair backer turned inside out at this point.  Turn right side out, so the owl face is now showing.

6. Take your remaining 3" x 9" pieces of felt.  Fold in half length wise and sew along both edges, creating a "finished" look for the straps.

7. Pin and sew Velcro to inner back of bag, as well as one end of each felt strap.  Sew straps to inner side of front panel.  Be sure to line their positioning up with the Velcro you just sewed on the inner side of the back.  

8. Fill with candy, coloring books, etc.  Strap your owl to a chair and enjoy!  

9.  If you're like me and love when holiday decorations can serve a duel purpose, add a the simple steps below to keep your chair backer hangin' through November. 

10.  Cut 5  10" x 2" (approximate) feathers out of various colors of felt.  With each of the 5, fold in half length wise and sew down the middle, leaving tops and bottoms unstitched.  This will give the feathers a more "realistic" look as well as reinforce the felt. 

11. Baste feathers to back of chair backer, so they can easily be removed for when you need your owl again next year.  Enjoy your turkey chair backer through Thanksgiving!


  1. Amazing & so original. I love the dual purpose. Great for back to school too!. Love it.



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