Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY ENTRY #15 Better than ZipLoc!

I am always a bit intimidated by sewing projects but I may just have to try this one. Sent in by the all talented Summer Riley of Summer Daze. Make sure to check out her blog for all of her fun Halloween ideas.

For each snack pouch you need this stuff here... 

1 6 inch zipper
1 fat quarter of fabric. or so.. 
1 piece of iron on vinyl about 6 inches by 12 inches....
felt and ribbon to embellish... 
some 1 inch strips of white fabric to mummify the mummy ( or cheese cloth would work too) 

1. Iron Vinyl to lining fabric following the directions on the insert. Trust me.. read the directions, I have to read them every time right after I try to wing it and screw it up so just read the directions... 

2. Cut your shapes.. 2 outsides and 2 linings (Vinyl) for the mummy I just traced a saucer, for the ghost I just eyeballed it, you probably can tell that. Stack it all up so it matches nicely with the right sides of the lining facing in and the right sides of the outside facing out make a small snip on the top somewhere, and also on the bottom this will allow you to keep everything lined up just right. 

3. Embellish your outside pieces to your taste and stitch the embellishments down. Remember you want to be able to toss this ziploc in the washer machine so don't skimp on the lockstitch. 

4. INSERT ZIPPER.. don't panic it is just like making a sandwich.. 
Place the embellished side of your snack pouch face up, place zipper face down place vinyl lining piece so the vinyl side is touching the zipper (inside the sandwich) Pin zipper into place and stitch using zipper foot. 

Repeat on opposite side carefully making the zipper sandwich again. 

5. Unzip zipper and lay snack pouch so that the right sides of the vinyl are facing each other, and the outsides of the snack pouch are facing each other. Stitch around the outside leaving a gap in the bottom of the vinyl side so you can turn it. Go ahead and verify again before stitching that you left the zipper unzipped or you will be really frustrated. 

6. Turn the item right side out and tuck the lining inside the pouch. Stitch the opening closed. 

7. Pack with snacks and enjoy!! 

Seriously, I want to eat popcorn and candy corn out of there right now.. I mean cucumbers and carrots with dip. 

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