Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY ENTRY #14 Monster {Wood} Blocks

These little monsters were sent over by Amanda & Lorraine of Paint it sew thrifty.
 I was walking down the arts and crafts aisle at Walmart yesterday and I saw some giant googly eyes.  As soon as I looked at them, I envisioned a wood block mummy.  It's just how I work. 
Suddenly, I have three monster friends.  All with giant googly eyes.
 For this project, you will need to get your hands on some wood blocks.  (Preferably different heights)  I have a wonderful grandpa who cut me blocks of wood.  :)  I already had the broad cloth and the paint, so this project cost me .97 cents for the package of eyes and .38 cents for the bandage knit material.  A total of $1.35 for all three Monsters.
Now that's thrifty.
 Two of your blocks will have white bases and one will have green. 
 This soon became a joint project when my mom took over Frankenstein.  She screwed bolts in his neck, glued on his eyes and a button nose and painted on his hair and stitches with black acrylic paint. 
 Most people would paint the wood block white and glue eyes on and call it a ghost.  But my mom wouldn't stand for ordinary.  She came up with the idea for a "sheet" to go over the wood.  I think it is ADORABLE! 
 The mummy was my baby.  I found this really odd stretch knit fabric in the $1.50 bin at Wal-mart and I loved it the minute I saw it.  It has the same texture as a bandage and it's sparkly! (Who doesn't love sparkly?)  I cut the fabric into strips (I bought 1/4 of a yd. but only used 2/3 of it) and glued as I wrapped. 

Here is how they all turned out:
I LOVE the way the monsters turned out-SO MUCH, in fact, that I have two more wood blocks waiting to be transformed into...well...you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Happy Haunting!

Project time: A few hours (waiting for paint to dry)
Project cost: Under $3 (for all 3 Monsters)
Project skill level: Medium


  1. I love paint it sew thrifty!!! This is one of my favorite projects! you have to check out the witch and dracula they made too!

  2. http://paintitsewthrifty.blogspot.com

    There is the link to her site since there isn't one in the post.

    I love the monsters!

  3. Thank you for pointing out to me there was no link. I am posting these so fast (with so many kids running around) that I forgot to link it. Thank you!

  4. I love p'AINT it SEW thrifty!!!

    These are so adorable! I love the witch and the dracula blocks that she made as well. One of my favorite projects of Amanda and Lorraine's!

  5. Stephanie@crafts4gurls&momsOctober 26, 2010 at 6:13 PM

    I love these! They are adorable! I went to the blog and I am SOOOO glad I found it. There is a PART 2 to this tutorial also. She actually has 5 monsters. Cute! I need to make these!


    ps-Maybe you want to know that you the blog name is paint IT sew thrifty not paint AND sew thrifty.

    Love your blog too! Wish I had something to enter.

  6. cheryl.lans@hotmail.comOctober 27, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    I love these Monsters! This is adorable! I've seen some 2x4 Halloween guys before but these are the best! I vote for this one! :)

  7. That mummy is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love her tutorials! If you haven't seen the whole family of monsters, you have to! She better win! :)

  8. I LOVE this! I want to make these!!!!



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