Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY ENTRY #13 Eyeball Candelabra

 Sunny from Life in Rehab made this scary little decoration.
I saw this over at Ain't She Crazy and KNEW we had to do it. Jami used these as nightlights, but I figured at 19, 17, and 16, if my kids needed nightlights, well, we'd have some issues going on that glowing eyeballs wouldn't help.

So we're going to use a nifty tealight holder the children gave me for Christmas one year.
What you will need:
-5 plastic spiders
-Sphagnum moss
-Ping pong balls $1.48
-Battery operated tealights $4.99
-An exacto knife
-Three demented kids

Make an X in the ping pong ball at the logo with your exacto knife. Fuss at your son about his nails.
Have him remind you he's been pulling weeds.
Look sheepish.

Slip the flame of the tealight through the X. Use the Sharpies to draw creepy irises on the ball.

Take your little arachnid buddies outside with the tealight holder and the moss.

 I pushed my moss and spider mix into the glass tube with a wooden spoon.

Oooooo, scary stuff!

For someone who's afraid of spiders, I sure like to play with these, huh?

Add creepy glowing eyeballs.

So, do you have a tealight holder that could use a little ghoulish makeover?

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  1. You know I just saw ping pong balls at my local dollar store and was wondering what I could do with them. They have those tea lights out too.



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