Monday, August 23, 2010

Home, mainly Lucas' room

Ever since I toured my friends home in New Hampshire I have been on a mission. I thought I would start with Lucas' room considering I only took down butterflies to get the room ready for him. I saw this image (via Brigadeiro de Colher) and fell in love! I painted all the furniture white and I found white curtains at target today on my major shopping spree. I can't wait to paint the walls a similar cream:)

And here are the curtains I purchased today. Two of them for $25. Killer deal. Get yours here.

And this next picture I want as my own. I mean a girl with four kids deserves it, right?!?!

Also I got Restoration hardware for kids catalogue in the mail today and want absolutely everything! If you didn't get the catalogue find it all here.

I want these for Lucas' room. I will soon show you where I want to put them (I have the perfect spot).

This table seems absolutely indestructible. Do you think I can make it?

And of course the lion and giraffe would be perfect for Lucas' color scheme.

So what home projects are you doing (or planing)?

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  1. Love the laundry room! Where is the picture from? How 'bout a mom of six kids and a grandma of 10? I'm trying to get a closer look of the photo. Yes, you could make the can do anything!

    The black & white pictures are darling! You are so talented!
    ...and yes, the lion and giraffe (and elephant) are adorable!



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