Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mary Flint Foulger

My Grandmother, Mary Flint Foulger passed away. If you ever meet her, you loved her. She was loved by all because she loved everyone and had an amazing way of showing it. I never heard an ill word out of her mouth about anyone. Her faith was unwavering. She was witty, proper, and an amazing cook. She had 6 children, 48 grandchildren and to date 67 great grandchildren (just getting started). The amazing thing about those numbers is that she knew us individually. She took the time to know the details of our lives. She went to all our graduations, baptisms, games, parties, proms, award ceremonies, weddings, and endowments. She had us sleep over (well into college), she feed us, taught us, and inspired us. I could go on and on and on and on. I miss her. I miss her wisdom. I miss her confidence in me. I miss her love. Till we meet again. I love you!

Can you guess which one is me?! And can you believe there were 20 more grandchildren born after this picture was taken?!

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