Thursday, October 28, 2010

DIY ENTRY #27 Pink Owl Treat Pail

This is absolutely brilliant! My girls so desperately want their pails to math their costumes. Why didn't I think of that! That owl costume just got cuter (didn't think it could). Thank you Christine (my daughters middle name) over at Pure Joy Events:)

For this project, you'll need a plastic pumpkin pail (purchased at Target years ago for about $1), pink and cream fleece (felt will work too although more of the pail color may show through), white glue, package of black and orange foam masks (purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts), and one sheet of white cardstock.
  1. Using Owl Template 1, cut approximately sixty individual feathers and the mask out of the pink fleece. Then cut about five individual feathers out of the cream fleece. The wing template will not be used for this project.
  2. Print Owl Template 2 on white cardstock and cut out the pieces. Cut the beak out of the orange foam mask. For pictures on how to create the mask, see the pink owl costume tutorial.
  3. Glue the pink mask on top of white mask, the black circles for the eyes, and then the lashes.
  4. Turn over the mask and glue on the black foam mask and orange beak.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the orange pail, glue a row of pink feathers. Create overlapping layers of feathers as you work your way up the pail.

  6. Glue the mask just above the cream chest. Lastly, glue down the first two rows of feathers to the bottom of the pail, so they don't flare out.

If you have made the pink owl costume and/or the matching treat pail, I would love to post your pictures!

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