Tuesday, September 28, 2010

pretty party

Kate was very specific on what she wanted for her birthday party. She asked for a pretty party with butterfly cupcakes and wanted it to be red, pink and purple (her favorite colors). She wanted to dance, eat, craft and open presents. Here is what I came up with to match her description..

Presents. I saw this at a friends and loved the idea. Two little seats. One for the birthday girl and the other for taking turns of those who are giving the gifts. Everyone feels special.

The goodies. My cousin Paige told me how to make these flower rubber bands and I LOVE them! They dress up every ponytail.

The ball room. Some serious moves were made.

The craft. I found this darling craft that all the kids really got into. Find it and print it over at creature comforts.

Let me know if there is anything here that you would like to know how to make and I will do a DIY just for you:)


  1. i want a diy for the paper roses underneath the cake platters.

  2. Amazing party! I can't wait to throw a pretty party for Lillian one day. You've given me great inspiration. Happy Birthday to Kate!

  3. i want to be at that party!!! you are amazing! everything looked so so pretty and perfect. i also loved the paper roses. diy please. have i already said that talking to you just makes me miss you more. maybe we shouldn't talk. haha

  4. You are amazing!! Honestly, I cannot believe how much you do. Can we live by each other? I think I am going to try the paper roses for Coco's bday. Love you, can't wait to see you.




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