Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last Weekend Giveaway

And the last giveaway is an Elle and Kate RING! It goes with absolutely everything! Trust me, it needs to be yours!

Made of sterling silver and fresh water pearl. It will be handmade to fit you (when you win, you will just have to tell me your ring size).

Good luck. Winner will be announced Monday. And don't forget to check out these weekend giveaways as well, here and here.

Picture taken by Lauren Dyer.


  1. I love your new blog!
    I love your old one too(The American Dolls story was perfect - i was laughing at G's picture for a while and the joys of a jealous sister...)!
    Your jewelry is gorgeous - I'll have to send Kaitan a link. I have been working in an Etsy store also - I need to get a better camera - the photos for the books I make are an issue. But I see you have Lauren for a couple photos! She s amazing! Kaitan and I don't even have a point and shoot camera right now and I am not sure if I want to launch my store with crummy pictures taken with my laptops built in! What do you normally use/ do for such great clear pictures?
    Love you and good luck with your leg!

  2. hi, I wish I was at church...instead I have been thrown up on for the 3rd time :( Of course Ty is at work, you know the drill. Im in for a super fun rainy day!!! I think this ring would make me feel like less of a stinky loser! xo,kim

  3. I was totally going to say the same things as Lizzie, your pics are awesome!! I am so impressed with your ability to find the time to open up shop! I signed up with an etsy account months ago and never got it off the ground. Got stuck at Logo.. you amaze me dear friend!!

  4. As I am typing this I hear in the background..."mommy Mommy MOMMYYYYY!!! I want that pearl ring please and you Mommy want the flower necklace"



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