Monday, April 26, 2010

Full packed day and the giveaway WINNERS!

AAH! It has taken absolutely all day long to get to announcing the winners (and yes I am feeding my baby as I do so). We have had a packed full, fun day and I am ready to retire to bed (don't I wish).

I must tell you how exited I was to get these comments. Some were from long lost friends and family, others from people I would LOVE to become better friends with and one I knew nothing about(so flattered you looked at my blog)! It was too hard for me to choose. I was wishing I had the fabric and time to make that necklace for every girl! So if you didn't win this week, try again (can you tell I am one of those people who have never won anything).

Congrats to Lizzy for winning the ring! - email me your ring size and address -

Congrats to Lynn for winning the necklace!

And last but not least, congrats to Summer for winning the bracelet!


  1. I am so so very excited that I won this necklace!!! I am doing a little dance right now in my kitchen :) I will wear it proudly:) I cannot wait to get receive it. Thank you Thank you

  2. OH My Gosh!! I am ecstatic!!! I mean OVver the moon with awesomeness!!! Admist the home repairs, sick baby, general overwhelmedness and difficulty accepting change.. you have totally MADE my week.



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