Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you want to see an amazing ski video?!!

my brother Price is in a ski video competition and needs more votes today!  (He's just fallen behind in his match up!)  His video is AMAZING!  He's an unbelievable skier and really deserves this opportunity!  (the prize is his dream - to be filmed in a professional ski video!)  

So click through to this link for me (and him :) ) and vote for "PFOULGER - Alta-holic on a Bender"
Here's the Link:

*when you go to the link, click on "PFOULGER" (in the upper left tournament bracket) and then you can vote for him!

It's set up like March Madness, so he really needs votes every day as he advances to the next round, but today we think is his toughest competition of the whole tournament so please help him make it through to tomorrow with your vote!  

Thanks in advance!!!!

P.S. Reasons to vote for Price:
1) his video is sick!
2) his skiing is insane!  (if you could do a double back flip, double lincoln roll, and triple on skis, then I'd vote for you too :) )
3) the guy he's up against today has 7 skiers in his video - don't get me wrong, he's very good, but he's showing 6 other people in his video along with him (Price only shows his own tricks) and that guy is already sponsored, so give my brother a chance to get in the video and get sponsored too!  he deserves it!
4) as much as a like you, I might even like you better if you vote for my brother.  okay - I'll definitely like you better. :)

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