Friday, October 15, 2010

something old and something new

This was our kitchen table. It has been with me for many years. It served as a desk/art table in college, a bead table in NC, and has been our kitchen table for the past 3 years. This poor table has been painted on, drawn on, stained by red construction paper (milk spill), stabbed by forks (so many times I couldn't even dream of counting), and every type of food spill you can imagine has happened. I once used nail polish remover to get nail polish off and went a bit crazy when I realized it took off permanent marker (later realized it took off the stain of the table). To say it nicely, it has been well loved:)
I have been wanting to cover it with metal (love that look restoration hardware). But thought a quick paint job would be super easy. I am sure I should have sanded it. I actually started to but I lifted my arms that same day and man were they sore. So I threw some paint on and it has been non stop fun ever since!
I think every one should do it!

The before pictures.

The after math.
Just think of all the fun! So far we have set up tea parties, drawn towns, written notes, made race car tracks, practiced letters, designed a line of headbands (Elle) and much, much more.
What will you do?


  1. AWESOME! it still your kitchen table or just a fun table??? The kids must LOVE it-you're ridiculously creative.

  2. its so AMAZING! can't wait to see it in real life!



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