Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I just couldn't help myself.

I've had a lot going on lately and it is my goal this year to simplify my life. That being said, I decided not to make my kids Halloween costumes. I realized I don't have a clue when it comes to sewing (Summer I wish I still had you in my life) so it takes WAY too long. So we found things that are going to work for all the kids and they are all excited.
I was talking with a friend and she told me how she was going to make a tutu for her daughters witch costume. I got so excited! The wheels in my head started turning. I don't know how it happened but I ended up confiscating her project and had so much fun trying to figure out how to make this ginormous tutu.
Next year.. back go making costumes!


  1. Our little witch is going to look superb in this get up! Thanks so much. You are a good friend and oh so talented!! :)

  2. Brooke it is FANTASTIC!! Is that a ginormous black satin bow on the front?? Cute Cute Cute. I wish you were still here too, although I've been working so hard on the basement I haven't been making very much stuff lately, although.. I did just get a YUDU. Move back.. it will be awesome.

  3. Brooke I have a wicked {he he} easy way to make the tutus!! I'll email a DIY to you for the contest!!! Maybe even put some in the store!?



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