Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween party

Only a week to go! I LOVE this holiday. Every year we have our routine decorations that we put up and then we try to add a little something more. This year we added costumes to our pictures (thanks nienie for that idea), spider webs to our ceiling (walmart, $2.00 a bag), a huge spooky tree (dead branch from out back put into our Christmas tree stand), sheets over the couches and moss hanging off everything! I love that you can decorate for little to no money at all for this holiday.

What do you do at your house? Email me what you do for a chance to win some amazing stuff! Go here to find out more (only a week left). Good luck!

And yes that is me as the scary witch. I was worried all my kids were going to cry when they saw me.. they all laughed. My oldest asked why I didn't use the fake nose that I bought.. that made my husband laugh pretty hard.

Those sugar cookies were painted by my friend Ann. And they even tasted better than they look (hard to believe, I know). Let's all hope she sends in her DIY!


  1. No picture compares to the witch in the middle!!!!!!!!

  2. SCARY!! very scary. (the witch)
    the house looks dreamy. i wish i had your ambition and creativity and wonderfulness!!

  3. your house is so awesome. i still haven't even thought of a costume for charlie yet. you're def a bit ahead of me :) you need to enter your house decor into the drawing at the goodbonesgreatpieces blog. how on earth could anyone win over you? hope you're well!



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