Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY ENTRY #30 Witch Shoes (props)

Erin Quinn sent over another great one (I know, I have really talented sisters). I will be doing this one next year to have right next to my front door.

I made these to put by the door under a "Witch Parking" sign that my friend made for our Witches' Lunch. :)  I was originally going to sew little witch shoe covers, but ended up making them super quick by just using craft foam.  And I like super quick. :)

Things you need:
1 pair of black heels (no damage will be done - it's just a temporary change :)
1 piece black craft foam (i think the standard size is about 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - the ones that come packaged in a stack of different colors)
1 piece green craft foam
Black electrical tape (I just saw some at Dollar Tree tonight - $1 for 2 rolls - good deal)

First,  pick a pair of shoes you'd like to enhance temporarily to look like witch shoes.  I used a pair of black heels with pointy toes that I have.  

I cut 3 things out of the craft foam: (see picture of cut outs to understand my descriptions below)
1) 2 pieces of black foam that are about the size of the front of the shoe plus a long strip at the top of the point (cut it large enough to wrap down the sides of the front of the shoe plus include a large long piece at the top that you can curl up to look like a curled up toe)
2) I used scraps from the sheet of black foam I used to cut 2 tall trapezoid type shapes (1 for each shoe).  These will be the tongues of the witch shoes. 
3) I cut 2 green pieces the shape of buckles 
*Note: the 2 different black foam pieces for each shoe could probably be cut out as one piece, but you would need 2 pieces of black foam.  I only had one piece, so I made it work. :)

Next: Attach each black foam triangle (with the long strip at the pointy end) onto each shoe by running electrical tape across the bottom of the shoe.  You want the tape to "grab" the foam on each side (*note - the electrical tape should only touch the bottom of the shoes to prevent any damage)

Next: Tuck the "tongue" of the shoe into the black foam piece you've just attached to the shoe to form the tongue of the witch's shoes.  

Next: Tape the "buckle" onto the shoe (make sure to cover the "line" that's created where the tongue is tucked into the other foam piece to give it a cleaner look).

Next:  Cut shoe inserts out of a fun paper... or plain bright green... or you could stamp spiders onto plain white paper, etc. I traced around my running shoe inserts for a pattern, but had to cut them down quite a bit - a little trial and error to get a decent fit. Insert shoe inserts (I didn't attach them - I just stuck them in.) 
You could do all sorts of embellishments on them too (I just ran out of time :) ) - feathers, black flowers, spiders, etc.  

Happy Halloween

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