Saturday, June 26, 2010

the itch..

I got it and I've got it bad. I am wanting to design, redesign and organize my home. Here are some things I am loving..

- Blue and green chair are pbteen
- black and white kitchen image from MarlaRuby
- stool from cb2 (Ashley told me about it and I want everything!)
- green and white from target
- amazing yellow couch from cb2
- unbelievable image of playroom here (I want those round chairs)

I think I will start with painting my kitchen chairs navy and reupholstering my dinning room chairs black and white stripped. Wish me luck.


  1. hi brooke. my sister made some round chairs for her kids from this tutorial probably NOT the same as those in the picture, but they are cute and her kids love them.
    how are you? all of your cute girl jewelry almost makes me wish i had a little girl.
    yes, i was pregnant and we had our fourth boy and we love him. i am tired, but that's okay. also, brad is doing a fellowship...6 months in italy and 6 months back at WFU. after that, we don't know where we will be going, but are glad that residency is over!

  2. Dana over at MADE is also in love with those stripes, I think Ikea has the fabric in several colors right now. Take some before and afters so I can live vicariously through you.. can't wait to see what you dream up.



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