Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY: button earrings

I love easy DIY projects! This amazing one I got from my all talented cousin Courtney Pena. She made earrings out of buttons for all of her bride maids. Such a great, inexpensive way to get new earrings.

Here are the supplies we used. I am not sure exactly how Courtney made hers but I am pretty sure they are foul proof. Elle picked some buttons I have had for years and years (they were on sale for a nickel back in the day) and we got a few other pairs at Jo-ann's (all buttons are 50% off right now). We used both clip on and pierced backings (can also be found at Jo-ann's and most all craft supply stores). We clipped off the backs of the buttons with clippers, squeezed some E-6000 glue on and stuck on the earring backing.
I told you.. SO EASY! And walla, as many earrings as your little heart desires:) Have fun with it!

Some of our final pieces.

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  1. i just made earrings out of those same buttons! the crystal ones. BLING BLING! love them!



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