Thursday, May 13, 2010

not always as planned

Do you remember that t-shirt I told you about?

I decided to make my own. I got two t-shirts at h&m (it is a pack of 2 for $12.95 - I had some credit, you can however get a similar t-shirt at forever 21 for $3.50). I was planing on doing a white flower on the stripped shirt but I noticed the stripped shirt had a hole in it. It was easy to make and I was excited.. then I tried it on. I felt a bit like a clown. It's a little much. So in your face. I think I will experiment a bit more.

The darling one at the top of the page is for sale here.


  1. oh how cool! your shirt reminds me of the mint candies except it's blue instead of red.:) I think it would be adorable too if you just took out the flower and put it on another blue striped shirt. Thanks for letting me know on my blog, I appreciate it!

  2. could it be the contrast that makes it not work? I can't wait till you get it ellandkate approved so I can copy it. Does it work best with those really thin shirts or does it not matter?



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