Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wild Sage

Elle and Kate jewelry is in it's first store! Hooray! Wild Sage is this really great, unique store. Two stay at home moms opened it up. They make most of the items right there in the store. They also sell great fabric (picked up some Amy Butler prints today). They have an apron in the window that I really wish was mine. I am so excited to have our little spot there. Check them out here.

I wish I had better pictures. My camera was on the wrong setting and I didn't notice since my baby was screaming of hunger, my son had a bloody finger, Kate was running about and I was late picking up Elle. But trust me that the store is darling!
Check back this weekend.. first giveaway! I am so excited!! Starts Friday.


  1. So Awesome!! You are so brave Brooke, I am so proud of you!! And I can tell the store is adorable, and love love love Amy Butler.

  2. Brooke... why are you so RAD?? I absolutely love your Elle & Kate design, and the jewelry, and your blog! So my question is: how can a mother of 4 with a busted knee do soooo much? I'm so impressed! Such a bummer we missed you when you were in Utah... come again! My girls would have a blast with yours!

  3. This is amazing... you are definitely #1 mom. I can't believe how official you all are- selling in a shop? I am impressed.

  4. Hi Brooke. Happy Birthday! Love the bracelet. Love your blog. I'll def. stop at Wild Sage to check out your stuff. Good luck.



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