Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY: sew easy

Are you in need of a little ward robe update? Do you dare for a bit more flare? This little project is perfect for you! It really only takes a few minutes. My brilliant and all talented sister-in-law (Tiffany Foulger) let me in on this little secret. Take a cardigan, one straight out of your closet will do. Cut off those plain buttons and add some gold, crystal, silver, flower, weaved or sparkly buttons.

I have done this to my girls sweaters from target and h&m, they look like they are straight from crewcuts. And if it is yours, it looks straight from Jcrew (for much less). Give it a try. I like to get my buttons from Walmart (not all have sewing sections -check first), Joannes, or any specialty shop.

Please excuse the pictures. We rarely have sunlight here.

Before shot.

After shot.

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