Monday, April 19, 2010

Designing a Logo

I used to be a designer. That is what I did. I got my BFA in graphic design from BYU. I loved it. I dreamed about it (literally). I loved fonts, different mediums and I was constantly thinking in design terms and trying to push the envelope. It was my passion.
Unfortunately I had a professor who liked to criticize. I lost my drive, my confidence and my desire to design. I started designing for work and not because I loved it. I began having children and happily took a break.
Then one day it happened. I saw my cousins logo for her new store. Loving it is an understatement. It brought back my passion, my love for design and my desire to design. I started looking for things to design. I decided to design a logo for my little jewelry line. And you know what.. it was hard. I mean really hard. Talk about rusty! I designed literally hundreds of little logos. I hadn't designed in a while but I still knew good design from bad. And I just couldn't get it right.

A few of the hundreds that just were not working.

I contacted my amazing friend who actually designed the logo I loved and she helped me. Her and her talented husband told me what they liked and what wasn't working. Thank you so much Liddy and Tyler, the two of you really ROCK. These are the final two I sent them and they thought the one on the right was more fitting for children's jewelry. I couldn't agree more.


  1. I can't even imagine someone being critical of your design work. I have always been so envious of your design eye!!! I love the final logo, it's amazing to see how the slightest little change makes it exactly perfect.

  2. Love the blog. Can't wait to see more of your creations. I was always amazed with your creativity. Keep up the wonderful work.



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